OllO World Update

OllO World App

OllO World Update. Three major features have been added to the OllO World app. Thank you for your suggestions.  

1 OllO World Update – Search & Find – Search terms, keywords

Due to some user feedback we have added keywords to the search & find function. So a user can search for terms such as, hiking, day trips, swimming and many others or as usual by text. Test once some terms that come to your mind.

Keywords have the advantage that the assignment is clearly defined. The keywords are continuously supplemented. As soon as it becomes apparent that new search terms can be formed on the basis of the pins entered, the OllO World team will implement this. If you have any wishes or suggestions, please contact us. 

2 OllO World Update – Rating of the pins

Some of you have told us that a rating is helpful in making a decision. Based on your feedback, we have added a rating to the pin cards. Every user can now rate every pin. The average of all ratings is always displayed. As soon as a new user adds a new rating, the average will be recalculated. 

It was important to us to add in addition pictures and a short comment in the Pin. This creates a well-rounded picture.

In this way, the rating is based on these three components: 

  • Rating stars
  • Picture material under comments or in the pin header
  • short comment in the pin bubble

3 OllO World Update – Simplification of the pin structure

The comments of the pins are now only stored under comments and not divided into my comments and comments of others. This simplifies the administration considerably. 

Outlook, next Step

The next step will be the redesign of the OllO World website. This way non-iPhone users can also get inspired by a website and may virtually walk through the colored pins and paths. Perhaps one or the other travel idea will be found here. 

Do you have already downloaded the OllO World App? If not yet, you can get the app at the following link in the App Store.

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With the loosening up of the lockdown, travel to other countries can be done again. We wish everyone a great summer with lots of new impressions. Hopefully you will enter your travel memories into the OllO World app as well. The OllO World team is looking forward to follow your travel tips virtually.

Best regards from your OllO World Team.