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OllO World Webseite

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New OllO World website. Who is ready for a change of scenery in spring? From now on you can also search destinations on your notebook! The new OllO World website is ready. Now the colorful pins of travel destinations, restaurants and other attractions are also displayed on the website. Search & find is the main focus for most visitors. Finding inspiration for future trips is the need of most users, so we have focused the website on that. You can still capture pins only through the iPhone app. The OllO World team would like to thank the active users for the many new pins that have been deposited. 

New OllO World Website

Hey Desktop/Notebook or Android mobile phone users, from now on you can also access our OllO World pins and get inspired. We will continuously expand the web application for different needs and equip it with new features. This way, searching will become an experience. 

Accessing the web application

You can access the the new OllO World website via the browser. How convinient, now you may also use your notebook or desktop. The pages have been adapted accordingly for mobile phones, so that you can check inspirations on the fly.

Functions of the OllO World Web application

Search field, keywords

Using the search box you can surf for terms. Try summer hiking, gardens or swimming. We constantly adjust the database query so that the search results are refined for you.  

Popular keywords are additionally: family trip, camping, round trips, winter, Mailand, Turin, Paris, London, England, France or America.


The pins are displayed in two languages. German and English are supported for now, so you can choose the language between the flags. When entering pins with the OllO World app, the language is controlled by the phone setting. Therefore, it may happen that occasionally pins in English are also displayed under the German version. This is not an error. 

Search in the categories

You can click on the round category badges, so correspondingly assigned pins will be displayed here. The pins are made visible by different colors and icons. For you as a user, the subdivision is visually supported. Attention, the pins are displayed per query in random order and quantity. 

With this link you can go directly to the new OllO World website. We are looking forward to your feedback. 

Enjoy the day, have a great weekend and see you soon for searching and finding.

Best, your OllO World Team