Around the Lakes of Zurich

Around the lakes of Zurich. As soon as it gets warmer, people start hiking again, occupy the campsites and try on their swimming trunks as a precaution. If the pads still print, is run around the race. Jogging around a lake is very popular. It’s too beautiful out in nature to want to lift weights in a fitness center. Cyclists are also stepping on the gas. 

Hiking or jogging near the water makes you long for the sea. It lets the thoughts wander into the distance and perhaps a breath of sea breeze dance around the nose. Just now in the spring, where still no possibility on sea is to be grasped promptly. 

Three day trips are presented in this post. Lakes are popular destinations. The canton of Zurich can come up with great lake tours.

1) Around the Türlersee, approx. 4 km

The Türlersee is the smallest of the three presented here. At the lake there is a camping site and right next to it is the bathing establishment. The facility is not very big. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you will find it here. Since the Türlersee is not very far from Zurich, you can quickly get to the city to get a taste of the hustle and bustle. 

Fireplaces around the lake

Fireplaces are distributed around the lake. Here, the lovingly packed picnic baskets can be enjoyed in a romantic setting. Those who need a cool down in the summer, take a lap in the lake. SUP boards can also be rented at the bathing establishment.

2) Around the Pfäffikersee, approx. 9 km

The Pfäffikersee is about twice as big as the Türlersee. Pfäffikon itself has developed a lot over the years and the village center has become pretty. The Baumen bathing establishment is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful bathing establishments.

Roman Fort with a gorgeous view

The Roman fort is enthroned on a hill. From up there you have a wonderful view of the lake. A stopover can be made at the Auslikon bathing establishment. Refreshments are sold at the kiosk. The trail continues to Seegräben. There you will find the Juckerfarm with a restaurant, a farm store and a large playground for children. When the fruits are ripe, cherries can be picked directly from the tree, berries can be picked in the fields and or vegetables from the region, as well as own bread and meat products can be bought at the stands. 

Roman Fort Pfäffikon ZH

Parking spaces at the Jucker farm are scarce in summer and autumn. If necessary, you can park in Aathal and take the bus to the farm. It is recommended to arrive by public transport. 

3) Around the Greifensee, approx. 19 km

This lake is again bigger and it takes more time to go around it. There are high seats around the lake, so you can watch birds in the nature reserve. There are also fireplaces around the lake. So the picnic baskets come into full use here as well. The Badi Maur provides cooling. It is small and fine. If you don’t want to go around the whole lake, you can walk part of it or take a shortcut by boat. The boat goes from Maur to Niederuster. I chose the parking lot at the Silberweide nature station. This is the best starting point if you want to see the storks. 

Around the lake by bike

All tours, except for the Türlersee, can also be done by bike. The bike routes are separated from the hiking trails, which defuses the situation between pedestrians and cyclists enormously. Joggers also get their money’s worth. The Greifensee is also known for the Greifensee run, which always takes place in September. 

The OllO World Team wishes you a lot of fun during the round trips. 

With the marmots Olga and Ollo they are looking for new opportunities to stay this year. Inspired by last year, both want to discover more of Switzerland until they can go abroad again. 

Olga & Ollo

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