Day trip to Milan

Tagesausflug nach Mailand

Milan in one day

Day trip to Milan. It takes about 3.5 hours to reach Milano Centrale from Zurich. The train ride is entertaining. In the heart of the city is the train station located. With the subway you can quickly reach the outer districts. We chose to visit the Prada Museum and the Navigli quarter with it’s restaurants. The canal area is very popular. Since it is already pleasantly warm at lunchtime, we can also enjoy lunch outside. 

Prada Museum
Prada Museum

Prada Museum 

The Prada Museum is a must for fashionistas. The sketches and paintings of Domenico Gnoli, remind us of times gone by. There is also a bar integrated in the building complex. So a short break is worthwhile, not because of the coffee but watching the visitors. There are probably budding fashion designers here. Already, their clothing style shows offbeat pieces and makes you think. 

Day Trip Milano, Prada Museum

Milan in a day, Navigli Quarter

To the left and right of the Navigli channel systems line colorful houses, restaurants, bars and stores. In summer, this place will be very busy. The first rays of sunshine are already warming the street. A lunch in the sun offers itself. We really enjoy sitting on the terrace directly on the water. It is already pleasantly warm. We can even hang the jacket on the chair. 

Mailand, Navigli Quartier
Navigli Quartier, Mailand

The canals and waterways have been created artificially. The first canal was realized already in the 12th century. Within 35 years, about 90 km have been built. Thus the Lake Como, the Ticino and the Po have been connected with Switzerland and with Europe. Leonardo da Vinci had extended the system with locks, which can still be seen today along the Naviglio Pavese. 

Day Trip to Milano, Navigli Quarter

Shopping for delicacies

Of course, do not miss a visit to a delicatessen. Parmesan cheese with different degrees of maturity or locally made sausages are highlights. Handmade ravioli with various seasonal fillings are also very popular. In the Rinascente department store there is a roof terrace with a direct view of the cathedral. Here we end the day journey in Milano with an aperitif and a breathtaking sunset. 

We take the subway back to Milano Centrale station. The train is 20 minutes late, which we will make up by Zurich. A wonderful day comes to an end. On the train we let our thoughts wander and doze off. Oh, it is so comfortable to be chauffeured home. Other visitors also had the same idea. Lucky us, we have our seats reserved. 

Tagesausflug nach Mailand
Milano, Dome

Milan is a huge city, so we focused on 2 fixed points. In that time slot, our trip to Milan will not be a stress, but a pleasure. 

‘Milano’, we will be back and will look at other quarters! The OllO World Team wishes you a nice day.

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