Chef’s Handyman – Friday Recipe3

Chef's Handyman Rezept

Cauliflower Salad – Quite big even for a small budget.

Chef’s Handyman – Friday Recipe3. On all the travels I have gained so many impressions and collected recipes, so that I have deposited them in the Chef’s Handyman Food Magazine. We will publish selected and popular recipes from this magazine also in OllO World magazine. 

Chef's Handyman Rezept
Chef’s Handyman Rezept

Chef’s Handyman – Friday Recipe3, Cauliflower Salad

This cauliflower salad won over the OllO World team with its simplicity. Yet it is tasty and nourishing. We prepared it for lunch and we actually wanted to save some for the evening, but it was down to the last crumb. As quickly as this salad was prepared, it was gone. A good sign, we think. 

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Chef’s Handyman magazine is focused on vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Older favorite recipes and new discoveries are published each Friday in OllO World Magazine. 

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Maybe this trip to Lungern also like.¬†With the cauliflower salad in your bag, you won’t starve on the tour.¬†

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