Alpine cheese trail Stoos

Alpchäsweg Stoos

Cheese production on the Stoos

Alpine cheese trail Stoos. In autumn the weather is already significantly colder. Well we have packed sweaters and a jacket. Now we are waiting for the Stoos funicular, which will take us to the starting point of the trail. See also the Pin Link.

Stoos Funicular

This funicular is the steepest in the world. It is hard to believe that it climbs a 110% incline and about 740 meters of altitude difference in about 7 minutes. Due to the spherical cabins, which are piled on top of each other, the guest is always standing horizontally on the ground. This alone is an experience. 

Alpine cheese trail

The alpine cheese trail Stoos is about 11 km long and you should allow 3.5 hours for the hike. The breaks and lunch are not included in the time calculation. A cheese pass can be purchased at the train station for CHF 16. You can redeemed the coupons at various points. The places are divided in such a way that one can always reach a break with food well. Even drinks are available in the inns and also break places with refrigerators. Especially in summer this is a super idea. 

Alpine cheese dairy Tröligen

We were not the only guests here. A school class set up their break camp here as well. The goats on the pasture saw that and they joined us. The goats are not fenced and so we could even stroke them, because they are not shy either. On the contrary, they seek the company. 

As mentioned before, we redeemed our cheese pass here and tried three different cheeses. One with pepper, the other with garlic and the third was a goat cheese. All three were of the milder variety and the portion just right for us to hike afterward. 

Alpine departure

It had been a good summer on the alp. Some of the cows are already back down in the village and we also encountered other ‘Alpabzüge’ before the winter comes. We were still lucky and could walk through the cow pastures. 

The weather was fine. As we waited for the return trip with the funicular, the first clouds of fog circled around the mountain peaks. Therefore, it is certainly better to start the hike early and not in the afternoon. 

If you are looking for a hiking tour, this is the place to be. The alpine cheese trail Stoos is a nice alternative. After 3.5 hours of hiking, however, we were glad to just get on the bus or train. By the way, there is a store down by the funicular station where you can also buy the alp cheese by credit card, on the alp cash is needed.  

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