Chef’s Handyman – Friday Recipe4


Autumn plate

Chef’s Handyman – Friday Recipe4. On all the travels we have gained new impressions and collected recipes. You will find more recipes in the Chef’s Handyman Food Magazine. We will also publish selected and popular recipes from this magazine in OllO World magazine. 

Autumn plate – earthy freshness with a colorful touch

Pumpkins are gracing the market stalls and soon it will be Halloween. Not just for decoration, no, the chubby things are also a treat to eat. I especially like the small versions. These can be roasted well in the oven and taste deliciously sweet. Served with salad and potatoes as an autumn plate, the plump pumpkins are a highlight on the plate. The only thing is that I have to be careful not to eat them before they are served. Our family loves the pumpkin season. Whether in salads, pies, bread or as a side dish, all varieties are welcome. A good sign also finds the OllO World team and looks forward to the lunch. 

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Chef’s Handyman magazine is focused on vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Older favorite recipes and new discoveries are published every Friday in OllO World Magazine. 

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The whole team wishes you a good appetite. 

From time to time we will post a recipe from Chef’s Handyman magazine on Fridays in OllO World magazine. Maybe you will like this salad recipe as well.

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