Zurich is cool

Roger Federer & Trevor Noah

Secrecy in Zurich

Zurich is cool. Today the main station was under the sign of the film. It looks like a commercial. But that’s beside the point when Roger Federer and Trevor Noah appear on the set, we think. Hairspray, brushes and dabs are used to work on the faces and hairstyles of the two main actors. It’s super cold, but the crew has decided it’s warm, so all in the film have to take off their jackets. Of course, has to be shot several times. It rains and gets colder and colder. To make the atmosphere friendlier, everything is illuminated with a lamp. Nevertheless – it is bitterly cold. The two have been shooting for several hours and must persevere. We can now go home and enjoy a hot tea.

Traveling by train

The Golden Pass Express Line gets a new train. Interesting, it doesn’t go via Zurich. Unfortunately we missed the shots of the train. Roger and Trevor are in a hurry, trying to catch the train. I don’t think the Lenzburg Aarau connection will be of any importance, because they are filming on that track. Probably the film will be cut together. I am already curious how the result will be. It motivates to test the Golden Pass in spring. We are looking forward to it.

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