Hiking on the Chäserrugg

Wandern auf dem Chäserrugg

Chäserrugg, relaxed hiking

Hiking on the Chäserrugg. Various hiking trails with different levels of difficulty are open to visitors in the Chäserrugg area. From Unterwasser we took the funicular to the middle station Iltios and from there we continued with the gondola up to the summit at 2262m. The circular trail in Rosenboden offers a unique view of the Walensee and the surrounding mountains. As a second point we chose the sound path up to the Schwendisee. From there we hiked back to Unterwasser. 

Rosenboden circular trail

Especially in summer, the plateau with the alpine meadows is a feast for the eyes. The flowers are marked with panels, so that even we could determine the colorful spots without a flower app.

There are benches on the circular trail so we could enjoy the view of the Walensee. The view is breathtaking. The round trip takes about 90 minutes with photo breaks a bit longer. 

We treated ourselves to a coffee at the summit restaurant. Of course, a Schlorzifladen may not be missing. This is a sweet Toggenburg specialty. It is a round, flat cake with a filling of strained dried pears and a cream glaze. 

Sound trail

From the summit a path leads to the middle station Iltios. Due to time constraints, we decided to take the gondola. A little below the gondola station the sound path branches off. The narrow path leads through the forest to the Schwendi lake. 

On the way we admired various sound stations. At each one, we could actively seek out sounds. We encountered many families with children who purposefully tried out the sound stations. This is a clever idea, because it can also motivate children to hike.

We discovered a spacious and new picnic area on the way. 

Lake Schwendi

Before we got to the lake, we had to cross a pasture where a herd of cows had settled. Some of them came very close to us. This takes a lot of getting used to for city dwellers. 

Soon this hurdle is overcome and we are standing at the smaller Schwendisee. It is surrounded by a reed belt and yellow water lilies. A little further back is the larger lake. A wooden footbridge leads to benches and a raft, where the first visitors are already cooling off. Others are dozing off. We also have a break and enjoy our picnic. After the break we return to Unterwasser. In about 50 minutes we reach the post office. From there it’s back to Zurich by bus and train. 

The whole trip includes a walking time of about 4 hours, and we took it very leisurely with photo stops. With breaks and travel time, it becomes a day trip. 

The OllO World team really enjoyed the hike and can highly recommend a trip to Chäserrugg. The summit restaurant also offers events like breakfast at sunrise or sunset. Unfortunately, we have not been able to try this yet. I can imagine that it must be beautiful. 

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