Gourmet trail in Flims

Water turquoise-blue like in the Caribbean

Gourmet trail in Flims. On this hiking trail the restaurants determine the stop. When the weather is sunny with a summer breeze, then it’s like winning the 6 in the lottery. The trip to Films was definitely one such day. The meadows were in bloom, the woods smelled like fir trees and the earth warmed by the sun. The water in the lakes was turquoise blue. The people were finally looking forward to go for longer walks again. It was a perfect day for an excursion. 

Gourmet trail in Flims

In Chur we took the bus to Flims Waldhaus. Already the drive to Flims led us through narrow streets until we finally arrived. It’s a wonder the bus didn’t get stuck. Right next to the bus station there is a path leading to Lake Cauma, our first stop. After a few minutes walking, we saw the turquoise blue water shimmering through the trees. The blue on the horizon became more and more intense. Wow, we literally lost our voice, so beautiful and intense was the color. The tables in the lawn and on the terrace invited us to stay. Eating a cold cheese plate and sitting next to the lake we enjoyed the view. 

Fear of heights, not for the faint of heart

We continued along the Connbächlein brook up to the observation deck in direction to the Lake Cresta. Suddenly a clearing opens up and a sea of flowers stretches over the whole grassland. Further on the horizon we could see the restaurant Conn in the middle of a meadow. Is this an idyllic place! We could hardly believe our luck. The scenery was as if it had been spruced up from a travel brochure and was surreal. We first had to collect ourselves and sit down. So that we didn’t lose sight of our time management, after a few minutes we started our way back to the observation deck. Those who are afraid of heights should nevertheless overcome to climb up. The view is almost as spectacular as the view from the Burj Khalifa. Far down in the depths, the Rhine, also turquoise-blue colored, meanders through the gorges. What a sight and view! 

Lake Cresta

The way from the viewing platform, through the shady forest to the Lake Cresta was pleasant. This is a little smaller than the Cauma Lake, but it captivates by the lively activity in the lake. Young and old are looking forward to the cool water. Although it has only 18 degrees, a little too cool for my taste. So we sat at the tables and watched the people. At the kiosk there are even fish crisps. Not bad, I think. 

A bit off the lake you get directly in front of the restaurant Lake Cresta. There are also snacks for a snack, also ice cream. 

End of the wonderful excursion

Again we cross a flower meadow. As last photo spot we catch the Felsbach canyon. Thundering the water rushes over the rocky outcrop. A few minutes later we reach the bus stop and drive back to Chur. 

The whole way can also be done the other way round. From Waldhaus the path is mostly sloping. In the opposite direction there are some gradients. 

The pins have been bundled into a gourmet hiking trail in the OllO World App. More photos are available there. 

The OllO World Team wishes you nice Whitsuntide.