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Customizations OllO World App. As of June 8, the lockdown has been relaxed in almost all areas. The Corona virus protection measures are necessary to ensure safety. What awaits the traveller on the spot? Which precautions must the traveler take? How is the ambience in the rooms? Does the the shopping enjoyment turn out different, despite the social distancing? 

Our OllO World Team gave a lot of thought to this during the lockdown. 

OllO World App, New Features

Corona Ambience Badge

The OllO World App has been adapted to the new conditions and integrated the Corona Ambiente Badges into the App. 

Restaurant, hotel and bar owners and also owners of other shops have the possibility to display their measures in a pin and they can connect their website directly with the pin. In this way, a traveler/user can make a reservation, order or obtain information directly via a link without having to book via third-party platforms. The direct communication is easier and you get the information first hand. 

Of course, it is not immediately possible to depict all measures throughout Switzerland in the app. However, we will check as many destinations as possible in the coming weeks and provide them with pictures. 

For the new changes we start with Switzerland, because we assume that this year and next year there will be more trips and holidays in the own country. However, the app is quickly scalable to other countries. If there is a tendency in this direction, we will extend the radius to other countries. 

Our team has tested excursions and have come to the following conclusion. Before starting an excursion you should plan your route and reserve a seat in restaurants you want to visit. Many visitors have the same idea. The disappointment is great when you can’t get a seat on the terrace spontaneously. Innovative facilities, have a pickup place. You can pre-order food online and pick it up. This saves you a long wait. 

Even if the measures have been relaxed, social distancing, washing hands and observing all hygiene conditions still apply.

New Corona Ambiance Badge

Customizations OllO World App

New Feature, Login

We also noticed that different users have difficulties with a user login, because they want to test and view the app first. Surfing the app without login is now possible with the latest update. 

OllO World App

However, if you want to save your own trips or information, you have to create a user login so that the data is bundled. Comments can also only be stored via login, as well as exchanging information with other travellers. 

Thank you for downloading the app. We hope you enjoy the changes and continue to enjoy the OllO World App. Further simplifications in handling are already in the waiting loop. 

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