Tour-de-Suisse with Olga & Ollo

Murmeltiere Olga & Ollo

Tour-de-Suisse with Olga & Ollo. 2020 will go down in history worldwide. The corona virus has stopped all activities, so that people are really longing to take a short trip again. Holidays in Switzerland are the order of the day this year. Where to go on holiday? We are traveling through Switzerland to find the best places.

On the Tour de Suisse the marmots Olga and Ollo will accompany us. These cute, but also chaotic balls of wool stir up the everyday life a little. I have always had a fondness for these rodents. 

In the OllO World App there are travel ideas stored. From June 8th, follow Olga and Ollo on their travels through Switzerland. You will also find some travel ideas in our OllO World website. Their experiences will also be published in the OllO World Magazine. From time to time they are also on the move for culinary delights, check out Chef’s Handyman Magazine.

Tour de Suisse with Olga & Ollo

The two groundhogs Olga and Ollo have woken from hibernation and are looking forward to spring. Their home is in the Averstal valley, a region in the canton Grisons. As there are no people to be seen far and wide, they are very surprised. “What is going on here?” they ask themselves. Usually there are always lots of people bustling around their cave. The golden eagle, which circles in the clouds, knows it. “A virus has left the people at home”, it whistles down from the sky. The groundhogs can’t really understand that. ‘What is a virus?’ they ask themselves. 

Although they don’t like tourists so much, they still miss them. “Will no one come this year to visit us if everyone has to stay at home?”, Ollo asks. “We can only find out in the city,” Olga says. Ollo nods in agreement. To find out, they have planned a Tour de Suisse and are looking for interesting places to talk to the tourists. Who knows, maybe they will move their building to another area. “This is our chance to discover Switzerland”, they say to each other and their suitcases are packed within no time. “We are now looking for the most beautiful place for our next holidays”, says Olga.