Attila 3 Lakes Cruise

Attila 3-Seen-Kreuzfahrt

Mini-cruise on Swiss lakes, Lake Biel, Lake Murten, Lake Neuchâtel

Attila 3-Lakes Cruise. Cruise on Swiss lakes sounds unusual and makes you curious, right? 

Attila, the inland cruise ship

The Attila is a floating hotel, or rather a small, luxurious cruise ship. Nine cabins are arranged side by side. On the upper deck is a lounge with bar. From there, breakfast is enjoyed with a view of the water. The adjoining terrace invites you to linger. Deck chairs are available for this purpose. When the sun is burning, a jump from the bathing platform can bring the desired cooling. 

Attila 3-Seen-Kreuzfahrt
Attila 3 Lake Cruise

Shore excursions, trips through the area

Depending on the route, the ship calls at various places and lakes in the region. Shore excursions are scheduled there. You can take lunch and dinner in the surrounding restaurants. Who likes birds? If the weather is nice, the cruise near the La Sauge bird sanctuary is an unforgettable experience. Each of the three lakes is a pearl in itself and they offer different excursion possibilities. Personally, I particularly like the La Sauge nature reserve on Lake Neuchâtel or Saint Peter’s Island in Lake Biel. Not to forget Murten with its famous ‘Nidlechueche’, a local cake. This simply belongs to coffee a break. By the way, you can work off the calories again on the circular wall tour. The 3 Lakes trip gives a nice glimpse of excursion possibilities in the region, which can be explored in more depth at a later date. 

Cabins & Upper Deck

You will find there 2-bed cabins which are comfortably furnished. In summer a jump into the cool water is a pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to end the evening on the sun deck? With a glass of local wine or a fine drink at sunset on the deck lets forget the daily routine. The experiences of the day can thus be relived in the group. The small floating hotel is something very special. 

Only the weather is unfortunately not predictable. When it is stormy and rainy, the crew must adjust the trip. Safety first. This is exactly what happened to my in-laws. Nevertheless, they would recommend the trip again. 

Enthusiasm is contagious. The OllO World team thinks the idea with the ship is cool. Maybe this would be a short trip for next year. Click here for the Attila cruise website.

The OllO World Team wishes you a good start into the week. 

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