Winter trip to Davos

Davos im Winterkleid

Davos in winter dress

Winter trip to Davos. Davos in the snow at minus temperatures invites to a walk. It is bitterly cold and the snow crunches under the soles of your shoes. Nevertheless, people are drawn out. A wonderful weather is expected. 

Walk Davos Frauenkirch – Mill Sertig – Davos Platz

While my companion is skiing on the Jakobshorn, I decide to go for a snow walk. I take the post bus from Davos Post to Davos Frauenkirch. From there I walk along the road to the mill Sertig. The road is covered with snow and there are still almost no cars on the road. The path leads through the Sertig valley. Snow-covered fir trees line both sides.

The restaurant Mühle is still closed. Unfortunately, I do not get a coffee where I can warm my hands a little. I continue in the direction of Clavadel. There is a Zurich rehab center. Shortly after the center the road leads around the bend. From there I follow the bike trail towards Davos Platz. Good I have my shoe irons with me. The path is quite steep and slippery. Further ahead I see a caterpillar vehicle. Even on Sunday the trail is cleared for the guests. 

Winter Trail

The trail leads through the snowy forest. Soon the trail thins out and I see the village of Davos ahead. This part seems to be a popular Sunday excursion. I now meet people with children and dogs. A small pond is frozen and the children are looking forward to skating. 

Slowly I get cold. The wind whistles around my face. Too bad the approaching horse-drawn carriage is already occupied. Wrapped in thickly in blankets, I will also enjoy the winter landscape much better. In the distance the gondola glides up the Jokobshorn. It is still a few meters to the station square. Now I can also see the slopes for the beginners and children. Even a brave paraglider is landing. Wow I’m getting colder and colder. Soon I have made it. Now I’ve been on the snow for two hours.

A quick check with my companion. We arrange to meet at Kaffee Klatsch, where I already order lunch for us. That’s what I call timing. Just as the food is served, my daughter walks in the door. She is also frozen through. Lunch is served super hot so we can warm up before heading home. 

Winter trip to Davos

It was another wonderful trip in the snow. The OllO World team wishes you a nice weekend.

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