Record the magic winter – with the OllO Travel App

The route to Poschiavo with its UNESCO World Heritage sites was the start of a turbulent journey through the Grisons mountains. With lots of great objects to memorize in the OllO World Travel App. Our overnight stay was planned in Poschiavo. There we were astonished about the lively village life outside the high season. The historic Hotel Albrici in the middle of the village centre is so steeped in history that you can feel the past completely in individual rooms. A guided tour through the old rooms of the past gives a lasting impression. You should definitely try the Grisons specialities in the restaurants, especially those in the Hostaria del Borgo. A memorial with the many skulls next to the Catholic church is uncanny, so never pass there at midnight. 

Finally the snow is coming

We were a little disappointed that not much snow covered the mountain peaks and wished for the white splendor. Our request has been granted. In the morning there was a thick blanket of snow on the road. Since we wanted to reach the Glacier Express in St. Moritz, we decided to catch the first train. This was a good tactical idea because we had the train all to ourselves. The locomotive was fitted with a snowplow, without it the trip to St. Moritz would not have been possible. Razor-sharp blades cut their way through the snow-covered rails. A spectacular journey through the snow had begun. Snow flurries, the sunrise in the distance and icy snow slopes to the left and right of the rails are impressive. Silence; only the rattling off the train could be heart. We could capture wonderful impressions with the OllO World Travel App.

Rescheduling at short notice

The renewed onset of winter has triggered an avalanche alarm in Andermatt. Already on the way, in the Glacier Express, two gentlemen approached us. With a troubled face they announced the decision of the railway management that the train will only go as far as Chur. Out of plan they let us get off at Thusis. So we took the bus through the Bernina tunnel and from there the Centovalli train to Domodossola. After a long journey we finally arrived in Zermatt, there unfortunately we could not hold our reserved table any longer, because of the Valentine’s Dinner events. So there was only one pizza variation for us. After a walk for digestion we fell into bed dead tired and only wanted to sleep.

Broken hearts

I was woken up in the middle of the night, because there was a loud screaming in the hall. Poles at the door with no end. It looks like somebody didn’t end Valentine’s Day the way they planned it. I assume someone had to spend the night outside the hotel room! In the morning, chocolate hearts were broken in the hallway. Full drama. Oops, I’ve never experienced that in all my travels. Life is not always a candy mountain. Unfortunately we didn’t find out who it was. The Hotel Post is centrally located and the service is excellent. 

Glacier Express

With the Glacier-Express we went through the beautiful landscape. Especially impressive was the stretch from Andermatt to Disentis. Great pictures capture the experience. 

It was a beautiful trip. I’m sure I’ll drive the route again in summer or autumn and see how the landscape will look like in green or in colourful dress.

Please check out all pins and paths in the OllO World App. The OllO World team did enjoy the trip very much.