Fashion outlet in Landquart – paradise for bargain hunters

Fashion Outlet Landquart

Shopping the favorite leisure activity

The fashion outlet in Landquart is a popular spot. The place is tiny and not to compare with the huge outlets in the US. Nevertheless, it can be very challenging to save favorite pieces from other customers. By changeable weather, lots of shoppers frequent Landquart. The outlet can be easily reached by train. For the drivers by car there are many parking possibilities. It happens that the limits of the spaces have been reached, if all the customers visit the outlet at the same time.

Fashion Outlet Landquart

From my point of view, it’s still one of the best places for bargain hunters in Switzerland. Many brands are available. I have never left the place without a bargain. All of those, who do not need the latest flavor of the month, the fashion outlet in Landquart will be a great place to save money.

Fashion Outlet Landquart, unterwegs mit dem Zug

Tip: The trip by train from Zurich to Landquart guides along two lakes with a great scenery. Save a seat on the left side on the window in the direction of the train.


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