Barcelona from a different angle

Barcelona by night

Active despite crutches

Oh dear…! It happened shortly before the planned weekend trip. Being distracted and a false step resulting in a casted foot. How to travel if your travel companion is not jumping like a young deer but is stuck with a pair of crutches? Cancel the trip, look for an alternative on short notice or clench one’s teeth and ignore the club foot? We decided to go for the last option. Of course, planning the trip became somewhat more complex but with a certain sense of humor, a positive mindset and friends we succeeded to mount a great trip.

We had the following points of interest on our radar and proceeded in a relaxed and slow manner:

  • Chasing Gaudí’s architectural traces by rikshaw

    Rikshaw Barcelona
    Rikshaw Barcelona
  • Fondació Juan Miró (handicapped accessible)
  • Opera Liceu respectively the business club attached thereto (a plush covered elevator from the very early 20th century brings you to the upper floor)
Gaudí Barcelona
Gaudí Barcelona

In between, loads of relaxing, stocking up some sunshine and being lazy on hotel Ohla’s own terrace (only a stone’s throw away from the cathedral). The very trusting albatros appears to be another guest.

Cool restaurants we visited:

  • Kak Koy (most recent opening of Barcelona’s best Japanese) – tapas Japanese style

  • Private business club of the Opera Liceu (by invitation of friends living in Barcelona)
  • El Nacional with various food areas


El Nacional Barcelona
El Nacional Barcelona

We could easily reach all locations by taxi, rikshaw or on (limping) foot enabling even our travel companion to enjoy the trip.