Ufenau – Fish crispies

Ufenau - Fischknusperli

Lunch on the Ufenau

Ufenau – Fish crispies. Restaurants by the water are popular in summer. The lapping and deep blue water soothes and lifts the spirits. The only downer is the reservation. Depending on the day or month, this can be quite a pain. Our starting point is the landing stage in Rapperswil. From there it is only a few minutes to the island of Ufenau. In the high season, the boats go regularly to the island.  

Enjoyment over lunch

Making a reservation at short notice is one thing, especially if the restaurant is super popular. First the reservation is provisional, then a definite confirmation should come. What if this does not happen? It’s a pain in the ass, right! If there is no place left, we take the next boat back to Rapperswil and have a snack there. 

We were lucky. The reservation worked and we got our table. Once there, we saw that there are two areas in the garden. One part is for reservations and the other part is for spontaneous visitors. The part with the reservations is overlooking the lake and there are smaller tables. The other area consists of long tables. So you just sit down to it. 

Fish crispies

The fish crispies are very popular. Practically at every table a portion has been served. So we spontaneously decided to test them. They taste very good. The portions are large. Good we did not take an appetizer. As soon as we placed the order, the plate is on the table. Wow, that’s an efficient process. Which is good, because soon the next ship will arrive with new guests. 

Return trip

The island is small and the tour is done quickly. We are already back at the pier. We are lucky on the return trip. The paddle steamer takes us to Rapperswil. Wow, and from the hull of the ship really many people get off, who also want to eat something on the Ufenau. Oops, are we glad, we decided to have an early lunch, because now comes the rush. We enjoy the return trip in the paddle steamer and we feast on an ice cream sundae in Rapperswil, because now the sun is burning again. 

Ufenau - Fischknusperli
Fischknusperli – Ufenau

Those who like fish crispies should treat themselves to a trip to the island of Ufenau and enjoy the last rays of sunshine in this summer/autumn in the garden restaurant. 

The OllO World team wishes you a nice week.

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