OllO World Travel Guide, St. Moritz in Winter Mood

OllO World, White Turf, St. Moritz

A great place for a weekend trip in winter

One of the most beautiful routes by train is the route from Chur to St. Moritz. It is the third railway line ever to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Actually I don’t like snow at all. But the train ride through the snowy landscape is unique. Memorize your travel adventures in the OllO World Travel Guide, so you may show your pictures immediately your friends without scrolling through the photostream in your mobile phone.

OllO World Travel Guide, Landwasser Viaduct
OllO World Travel Guide, Landwasser Viaduct

When I arrived in St. Moritz, I’m almost overrun by a tourist suction from Italy. It’s really scary to be taken up into the stream just like that. All around me people were chatting and laughing. Hardly anyone noticed that I did not belong. Luckily our way separated soon. 

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  • My first stop was the Segantini Museum. The museum is a classic for all art lovers. 
  • Next stop, White Turf St. Moritz, starts at the 2.2.2020, 9.2.2020, last day at the 16.2.2020. This is not only a horse race but also a social event. See and be seen. Why not!
  • A visit to the pastry shop Hanselmann is also a must. Here you must try the caramelized orange slices. 
  • Skiing is also an option. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle, you can go for a spin on the Piz Nair. 

St. Moritz is easily accessible by train or car. A day trip is no problem for larks. Get the OllO World app and record your travels in the OllO World Travel Guide. Your virtual travel companion is always with you and you can share the story with your friends without having to search in the photo stream. 

Sincerely, your OllO World Team.