Baden city of baths

Badestadt Baden

Bathing city Baden 

Baden city of baths. 47 degrees the water bubbles from the spring. The start of the tour is the Fortyseven thermal spring. The building was designed by Mario Botta. Those who know the works of the architect will recognize the Fortyseven Wellness Thermal Spring from afar. We have planned a tour and not a bathing day, so we only catch a glimpse of the first floor of the spa. There is the restaurant and a small store with bathing utensils. Who knows, on a next visit I will pack my bathing suit. 

Baden City of bath, fortyseven therme

Casino with the restaurant PLÜ

The bus in front of the thermal spring leads us to the park where the casino is located. When the sun is shining, the large garden is a popular place for a lunch picnic. The old trees provide natural shade. The terrace of the restaurant PLÜ invites for a lunch stop. The balmy wind is just right for lunch outside in the garden. We decided on the asparagus, especially since the season will soon be over. They taste great and are really crunchy. 

Baden city of baths, Restaurant Plü

Museum Langmatt & Villa Boveri

Both villas represent the upper middle class of past times. We also feel a bit transported back to that time. Such magnificent gardens can only be seen in castles or these very villas. In the Langmatt Museum you can see the art collection of French impressionists, which was collected by one of the BBC founders over the years. I, however, fell in love with the beautiful garden. You can even pre-order picnic bags. Everyone can find a cozy and romantic spot in the garden. Villa Boveri is even a notch larger and the garden is reminiscent of a castle garden. Concerts are held in the former bathhouse.

Baden city of baths, Museum Langmatt
Baden city of baths, Villa Boveri

Hotel Blume

The hotel is worth seeing, I think. When you enter the reception, you are directly in a waiting room with an old elevator. This takes you to the various floors, which are open to the courtyard with a circular walkway. The inner courtyard extends over all floors. Tables are arranged along the railing so that one can work there. The view thus sweeps over the inner courtyard. 

Hot spots: Ruin Stein and the old wooden bridge

The Stein Ruin towers high above Baden. Those who still have energy can climb the many steps. The view from the top must be impressive. To be honest, it was too much for us on this beautiful day. 

The old wooden bridge is also worth seeing. After the bridge is a photo spot, where from my point of view the most beautiful photo of Baden can be snapped. Of course also a selfie. Back we stroll through the old part of Baden. Who looks well, sees the animal inscriptions on the house entrances. 


Passing through the gate of the city tower, you are directly on the promenade. From there, various paths branch off to the stores and cafes that line the alleys. 

Who still has no plan for the weekend? How about a trip to Baden? The OllO World team wishes you a great weekend. 

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