Most beautiful winter hike in Switzerland

Winter hike philosopher’s path. This is probably the most beautiful winter hiking trail in Switzerland. When you take the first cable car up, you can still enjoy the peace and quiet. The crunching under your soles and the cold air wakes you up. You are compensated by the view up to the Silsersee. From the Stazersee to the Silsersee you see all in a row already from the viewing platform. If you climb further up, the view is even better. My tip, before planning the trip be sure to check the weather map. When the sun is shining, the distant view is phenomenal. It would be a pity if you only see the fog instead of the lakes and mountains. 

Philosopher’s path

The tour ranges from 2 to 4 hours. Depending on the pledge one chooses. Since I later took off again, I chose the 4 hour path. In between there are always benches where you can enjoy the view. You really can. On a clear day you can see into the beautiful mountain landscape. 

Philosophers in Switzerland

Well, these gentlemen knew where to find inspiration. Citation boards adorn the path. Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Kraus, Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Stefan Zweig, Marcel Proust or Conrad Ferdinand Meyer are constant companions. 

Philosopher’s path

The true voyages of discovery consist not in seeking out new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

The mood, the well-being and the timing of the journey all play into it. Perhaps one can revisit a place and suddenly see it from a different angle. 

Benches to relax

Perhaps one should take this time. Rest on the benches and let your thoughts wander into the distance. 

I will certainly make another trip to Muottas Muragl in the summer. It’s probably pleasantly warm at altitude when the heat is oppressive in the valley. 

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The OllO World team wishes you a good start in the new year.