Olga and Ollo

Traveling through Switzerland. Our mascots Olga and Ollo are now almost a year on the road. We travelled with them all over Switzerland and even made a side trip to nearby foreign countries. The Tour de Swiss was a complete success. Never before have I travelled a country as intensively as Switzerland in 2020. 

Traveling through Switzerland

If you asked me now, which trip left a lasting impression, I can’t really decide. Fribourg the city with the bridges, the Bernese Oberland with the waterfalls and gorges or the Engadine that I could visit again and again. Basel with its many museums and the Merian Gardens also impressed me a lot. The trip with my mother in the nostalgic trains to the Rigi-Kulm viewpoint and further on with the paddle steamer to Lucerne we both found wonderful. Not to forget all the bicycle tours to the Zurich Oberland or Thurgau. I was also impressed by the Valais and the area around Lake Geneva. I rediscovered Lake Neuchâtel, St. Peter’s Island and the Twannbach Gorge, the tours there are unbeatable in summer. Not to forget, of course, the sunny part of Switzerland, the Ticino. The list is endless.

All experiences are stored in the OllO World App and can be combined for your own excursions to new paths.  

Engadin in winter dress

The Engadin, however, has done it to me. The first snowflakes have enveloped the mountain peaks as if with powdered sugar. The winter jacket warms pleasantly, because the bise is clearly noticeable. The first ski lifts have already opened and the first downhill run in the snow has already been realized. The winter may come. 

Lago Bianco

On the tracks of Nietzsche

In Sils Maria stands the Nietzsche House. In which the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche lived around 1880 in the summer. Since 1960 it has been converted into a museum. Not far away, on a headland that juts out into the Sils Lake, there is the Nietzsche Monument. No wonder, because around the Silsersee the world still seems to be in order. For me this is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

Bernina Ospizio

My absolute highlight is the Lago Bianco. Snowy mountains, a mirror-like lake and the steel blue sky invite you to stay. A short walk to the lake, up to the restaurant and enjoy a coffee on the terrace before we continue to the cable car station Diavolezza. 

Ski area, Diavolezza

It’s an active operation. The ski clubs are already busy practicing for the next races. It’s a pleasure to see how much the kids are looking forward to the slopes and the slalom races. Who do you think sees himself more as a future racer, the parents or the offspring? 

The view up here is unique

OllO World App Update

OllO World App Update

Because of the many feedbacks we have slightly adjusted the app in the search area. Now you can also search for paths.

Feature 1: Search 

  1. Click on the magnifying glass. Enter place or search term.
  2. Use the filter button in the upper right corner to fine-tune the search criteria. 

Feature 2: Inspirations

  1. With the Inspiration button (red button with the i) path and pin inspirations are now directly displayed.

Who has not downloaded the update yet?

Even though we are again in the middle of a new corona crisis, there are still possibilities to enjoy nature. For now in Switzerland. There are many places to be discovered. Especially the mountains in winter are worth a trip. If you need any inspirations, surf through the app and arrange the pins along your plans. Who has not yet downloaded the OllO World App. Here is the link to go for it. Maybe you like the trip to Bellinzona as well.

Stay healthy! Sincerely yours, OllO World Team.