Sustainable Traveling

Traveling is one of my passions. Do I really need to take the plane every time? No, I don’t. It is probably about time to look at nearby options. Traveling by train may be as enjoyable. Looking at Japan for example, riding a train is a lot of fun.

OllO World, Shinkansen Tokio
OllO World, Shinkansen Tokio

You will find a totally different situation in Japan’s high speed trains: No pushing, no endless searches for a free seat, it is all well organized. On its return journey, all seats are switched to the direction of the train. A group can choose individual seatings enabling them to have a lively discussion on the journey. Even the second class is clean and does not create claustrophobia. There is enough space for your suitcases. Working on the train is easy as each passenger has an individual table and the seating is comparable to a plane’s seating however with a lot more leg space. You do not have your neighbor staring at your screen which might also be a cultural difference.

Transferring the mindset and supporting the idea to travel by train would make a lot of people to love their train rides and to offer a true alternative to the plane.

A next journey by train is already planned. We have also nice railway tracks here in Switzerland and Europe.

Another alternative is the E-car. My hope is on the self-driving car in the shape of a capsule which can be fitted to my purpose. A moving office would be a great invention. You get on the car in the morning, drive through Switzerland in your capsule, work on the car and occasionally get off to stretch your legs.

For sure there will be many more ideas in the not so distant future. All it needs is everyone’s preparedness to do their part. If you have once made a great experience abroad, it is not always easy to refocus and simply accept the status quo.

It may now be the time to change. The OllO World Team will put together a few exciting travel alternatives.