When will it finally be summer?

Swimming pools & lakes in Switzerland. Hello Summer, where are you? The summer should show up now, so that sun-seekers can also enjoy the baths. Where is the most beautiful bathing establishment in the whole country? The summer offers the opportunity to visit a different lido, so perhaps completely new priorities are set. Whether with a lake or just a swimming pool, which do you like better? Try out a combination with hiking or a bike tour, so the radius can be enlarged. Afterwards a cooling down in the lake or pool I find simply marvelous. Let’s go! The OllO World team has listed below the most attractive baths, so you can search for them in the app and look at the pictures and for more information. 

In the canton of Zurich, these swimming pools are among the favorites

  • Seegräben (unsupervised, Pfäffikersee)
  • Strandbad Baumen am Pfäffikersee
  • Camping & Badeanstalt Auslikon (Pfäffikersee)
  • Badi Maur
  • Strandbad Türlersee
  • Freibad Fondli, Dietikon
  • Badeanstalt Katzensee

Swimming pools & lakes in Switzerland – On Lake Zurich

  • Lido Rüschlikon
  • Utoquai lido
  • Women’s pool at Stadthausquai
  • Mythenquai lido
  • Strandbad Küsnacht Sträme
  • Wyden bathing facility Erlenbach
Wyden Küsnacht
Badis in der Schweiz
Badis in der Schweiz Women’s pool at Stadthausquai

Swimming pools & lakes in Switzerland – Mountain lakes

  • Cauma
  • Cresta
  • Klöntal
  • Seelisberg

Many more lakes or bathing establishments are included in the OllO World app, so you’ll soon be spoilt for choice. Search with the keyword Baden in the title and in the descriptions, so many other Badis are also displayed. Don’t forget to slide the slider to see all the results. 

You can also put together trips yourself and include a cool down at a bathing establishment near your trip. The colored pins can be used to create countless new combinations to form a path. Existing and your new pins are inspirations for other users. Try it. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can do so via a link in the App Store. 

Maybe you like this trip to the Grisons to the Cresta & Caumasee too. 

The OllO World Team wishes you a great trip.