Saint Beatus Caves a natural spectacle. Some find the St. Beatus Caves commercial and almost a bit American, others are impressed by the breathtaking natural world. 

Early Birds

An early bird is lucky to find most of the locations still empty. As an early bird, you also get sometimes a reduction on the entrance fee. This is great for photo shoots, because you don’t have to queue and wait until the ultimate photo can be taken. 

Saint Beatus Caves a natural spectacle

Saint Beatus Caves a natural spectacle

The Saint Beatus Caves were formed over millions of years. During the Corona lockdown the management has even added screens in the cave with explanations and instructions, as not so many visitors are allowed to dive into the cave at the same time. Everyone has to decide for himself whether it is advantage or disadvantage. I think it is great. The whole facility is very well maintained and tempts to selfies and thousands of photos. High up is the entrance to the cave with a terrace and restaurant. A little further down there is a museum. 

St. Beatus Caves a natural spectacle
Saint Beatus Caves a natural spectacle

Pilgrim path to Merligen

After visiting the Saint Beatus Caves, you can choose one of the various hiking trails. I have chosen a part of the pilgrimage to Merligen. This takes about 70-90 minutes. In good weather and in autumn you can find a special play of colors here. The turquoise-blue lake shimmers through the forest and the leaves of the trees have partly already taken on a slight autumn coloring. When the sun warms the earth, it smells wonderfully of flowers, mushrooms and forest. Awesome. 

Pilgrim path to Merligen, after the visit of the Saint Beatus Caves

Ship to Spiez

From Merligen I took the ship to Spiez. If you want to spend more time, you can also continue to Thun. From there it goes back to Zurich. 

Natural spectacle - St. Beatus Caves. An experience of a different kind. The caves are super cool.  Continue on the pilgrim trail to Merligen.

If you are planning autumn vacations in the Bernese Oberland, you can add this trip to your to-do list. Cyclists can also include to visit the Saint Beatus Caves in a round trip. 

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The journey to Yverdon-les-Bains might also be of interest. 

The OllO World Team wishes you a nice round trip.