Virtual traveling with OllO World App

Getting inspired without traveling is possible. Where do other people travel? What are their favorite places? If Windows Shopping goes, why not take virtual trips from other people to wander? Travel brochures are also looked at. OllO World is also a virtual travel book!

What does the OllO World app solve?

  • Annoying scrolling in the photo stream is eliminated.
  • Your holiday memories are forever discoverable.
  • The sights are assigned to categories and combined into a path.
  • This makes the journey easy to follow. Other travelers can follow the path virtually.

What are your plans for the weekend?

OllO World App
OllO World Virtual Travel Book

For a weekend, there are numerous possibilities, also here in Switzerland. Below are my favorite destinations listed. For these regions pins and paths already exist in the OllO World App.

  • The Bündnerland is one of my favorite destinations, especially in winter.
  • Appenzell, where Switzerland lives as you imagine the country to be
  • Zurich invites you to stroll. Having breakfast at hot places, makes simply fun and is sociable.
  • Luzern the favorite place of the tourists, is also for locals again and again great. Especially at Lake Lucerne there are countless possibilities for excursions.
  • Around Lake Geneva you can live.
  • The lake Constance in connection with our northern neighbor is worth a trip.
  • How about Ticino? Here you already feel like on holiday when you see light in the sky again on the other side of the Gotthard tunnel.
OllO World Travel App
OllO World Travel App

Describe your experiences in the virtual OllO World travel book and let others follow your paths. Your pins and paths inspire other travelers too. No journey in prospect yet? Look in the virtual OllO World travel book and see where others have traveled. Do you also have photos in the photo stream showing your travels? Use them to create pins and paths and show others how beautiful your area is or what you experienced during your holidays. 

Core functions of the OllO World App

The OllO World app helps you manage your trips and keep them unforgettable. No more searching in the photo stream!

Have a good trip your OllO World team.