Meiringen-Hasliberg. Torn between snow and spring, it is not always easy to find a decision. The mountains have now made the race. Before the snow season is finished, we are drawn high up once again. Good choice!


The Meiningen Hasliberg ski area belongs to the Interlaken-Oberhasli region. As in other ski areas, many sports can be enjoyed here. Cross-country skiing, paragliding, skiing, snowboarding or you can take long walks on the winter hiking trails. Even sledding is not neglected. Especially for families with children this area is very popular. If you don’t want to go skiing or snowboarding, there are many other ways to spend the day. 

Not a big rush

Whether it’s because of Corona or we simply caught a good time, I can’t say conclusively. In any case, there was no crowd on the slopes and we enjoyed the peace and quiet. The sun showed up already in the morning, where elsewhere everything was still in fog, so we could enjoy a wonderful day in the mountains. 

Winter hikes

From Käserstatt to Mägisalp and on to Meiringen is a combination of winter hiking and sledding. It is an advantage if you have a sled (for the Bidmi-Run) with you. The sledge can be rented at Mägisalp. If you don’t feel like it, you can also take the cable car down the last section. 

The sledging tickets are valid as follows

The tobogganing day tickets (2 / 2+ zones) are valid on the facilities:

  • (Meiringen- only 2+) Hasliberg Reuti-Bidmi-Mägisalp
  • Hasliberg Twing-Lischen-Käserstatt

The card cannot be used on all other lifts. 

We also have a travel app. If you haven’t installed it on your iPhone yet, you can do so via this link

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The OllO World team wishes you more fun days in the snow.