Lisbon, Portugal

The world upside down. Wanderings with Lea & Michelle through Lisbon. There aren’t many opportunities to handstand, Lisbon seems to be different!

Jogging is out, to handstand is in!

Lisbon is full of historical places of interests. Some of the traditional buildings are coated with beautiful tiles in different patterns.  A city made for photographers.

Lisbon, Setubal, Portugal

OlloWorld, Lisbon, Setubal, Portugal

Olloworld, Lisbon, Portugal

OlloWorld, Lisbon, Portugal

Food trucks, food stalls and the Time Out food market are great places for foodies. Especially the Time Out market is a must! No visit without planning a tour by tram. During the summer season both travelers recommend a short trip to the beach for a short swim in the sea or to watch the surfers.


Places of interest

Ready for Lisbon? Of course, your OlloWorld team.