Lakeside path Wädenswil – Horgen. Who says that the ¨Pfnüselküste’ is foggy? On the contrary, the lakeside trail is varied, especially in summer. You can combine it with a jump into the water. Meadows and gardens also invite you to linger. 

Lakeside trail, start in Wädenswil

From Wädenswil, the trail leads to the Au Wine Museum. This is always open on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately the museum is closed during the summer vacations. With the link you can check the current opening hours and guided tours.  

Lakeside path Wädenswil – Horgen – Stairs high up

A rather steep staircase leads up to the Landgasthof Ausee. If you’ve worked up a sweat, you can take a break up here. Further on, the path leads back down to the peninsula Au. While the sun is burning on the lake path, this descent can be mastered under the protection of the trees. Luckily! It becomes pleasantly cool. Through the foliage you can already see the lake.

Peninsula Au

On the meadow next to the peer is a glade with a nice fireplace. Not far from there is a large meadow in the shade of the trees. From the nearby shore, there is a convenient entrance into the lake. Some people are already swimming in the turquoise blue water. This is a popular spot with the locals. We follow the path and come to another clearing with benches. Here we catch a nice view of the nearby bay. Wow, so many sailboats do anchor around the corner. For here it is pleasantly warm and great for a jump into the water. Around the peninsula there are many places for a swim. 

Seeuferweg Wädenswil - Horgen
Seeuferweg Wädenswil – Horgen

Castle Au & Lake Au

We have made it, in front of us towers the Au Castle, surrounded by a wonderful park and the lake Au. This is not a lake for swimming. It is covered with lots of water lilies. Hey Wedding couples, you can rent this awesome castle. What a beautiful backdrop for photos. Right?

Lake path to Horgen

The path continues along the lake to Horgen. In between we pass bathing establishments and bathing places. Ideal for a refreshment in between. Unfortunately, the lake path is not protected by trees. I recommend packing a sun hat and sun cream. 

There are two restaurants along the way. The lake side restaurant Meilibach and the L’O. Both have a terrace overlooking the water. I recommend making reservations here. Especially in summer, the places by the lake are very popular. 

The OllO World team wishes you a great trip.

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