Lavaux – Vineyards on Lake Geneva. On the way to Lausanne, the train winds along Lake Geneva. The observer turns his gaze to the vines. Not long and the leaves show the colors of autumn. The approach could not be more beautiful. 



Vevey, the small town on Lake Geneva is our starting point. For this summer the lake promenade has been transformed into a beach. The beach umbrellas and deck chairs are lined up in rows. The view goes from Lake Geneva to France. The Alimentarium, Museum of Nutrition, towers like a castle in the background. The museum is housed in the former Nestlé management building. With a view of the lake. It is surrounded by a herb and plant garden. A restaurant is available for a break. Every few meters you will find a bakery, that was the reason, we could not resist the temptation. Ohhh, the taste of these brioches are delicious. 


The real reason for the trip was the vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva. Look at this! Vines have been planted in rows and rows. White and red grapes alternate. The view from the vineyards to the lake is breathtaking. Soon, the grape harvest will begin. The colors of the grapes are already deep red or amber. The autumn has arrived, so it is only a matter of time before the leaves change color to the shades of autumn. I am already looking forward to this play of colors. 

Lavaux Express

When the sun is oppressive, a walk through the vineyards is not really relaxing. The Lavaux Express is made for tourists. The train makes the steep climb a breeze. Besides, there’s always a breeze. How the fully loaded train manages the climb is a mystery. The vehicle crawls up the hill at a snail’s pace. The lake becomes smaller and smaller and we sink into the vineyards. The dimension is only now really recognizable. The cultivation of the slopes must be backbreaking work. There are hardly any flat pieces here. Everything goes up or down. Wow! The most common grape varieties are Chasselas and Pinot Noir. They are known as Lavaux, Dézaley and Calamin. As of 2007, the Lavaux region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

We are spoiled with our Lake Zurich. Lake Geneva with its vineyards is a wonderful destination for an autumn excursion, we think. Have you already planned your weekend or autumn holidays? What about the lake Geneva region?

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A good trip wishes the OllO World team.