Hop to the neighbors. A detour to the Achensee in Tyrol, Topfenstrudel in Innsbruck, castles in the Allgäu and mountains in the Bernese Oberland. A round trip with impressions of the time during the Corona Pandemic. 

Protective measures could not be interpreted more differently. It is important for the guest to know what is awaiting him/her there, as the interpretations leave a lot of room. Personally, I do not like surprises. So it would be great if you could look at photos of the measures. 

Hop to the neighbors, Innsbruck

The first stop abroad after the relaxation was in Innsbruck. There we visited some sights, which are stored in the app. Of course, a strudel with coffee was a must. I love strudel varieties! The ones in the pastry shop Kröll were especially delicious. The exotic curd cheese mango frisky variation was magnificent as well. 

Achensee, hop to the neighbors

The lifestyle wellness hotel Das Kronthaler is modern and successfully adapted to the rural area. The people are friendly and the service is excellent. Only the corona protection measures did not convince me. No masks even in the massage. In the present time I find this insufficient. Also the great, rich buffet does not correspond to my ideas of protective measures. Maybe I am used to something different in Switzerland. A pity! A great hotel under normal circumstances. 

On castle tour in Bavaria

The journey from Lake Achen to Hohenschwangau Castle leads through beautiful villages in the Allgäu. Everywhere the farms are decorated with flowers and everything around is tidied nicely. It is hard to believe what flowers can do. Simply wonderful! A stopover in Füssen is recommended, if time permits. 

Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle

Various artists have been fascinated by these castles. Wilhelm Richard Wagner was a guest at the castle, also Andy Warhol as well as Michael Jackson enjoyed the castle Neuschwanstein. The guided tour is interesting. Guests say, the tour in the castle Hohenschwangau was more interesting. Unfortunately I cannot judge this, because we only experienced the guided tour in Hohenschwangau castle. This was super interesting. 

Because of the Corona protection measures, the tickets must be ordered in advance. The entrance is 15 minutes before booking. If you get there early, there are almost no seats available. Masks are compulsory on the tour. 

It is noticeable that in Germany many self made masks are worn and sometimes the nose is not covered. Mask duty can also lead to false security. 

Bernese Oberland

Of course you have the home advantage in Switzerland. Now you find time to explore your own country. It’s fun. There are wonderful hiking trails around Adelboden. Many are suitable for young and old and are easily accessible by public transport. Why is the Blausee so blue? The secret is revealed on site. All you have to do is take a good look into the lake. The solution is at the bridge. The Engstlingen Falls are impressive. With the cable car you can go up to Engstligenalp and from there you can do different hikes. Both sights can be visited in summer and winter. Buses go regularly to the places. 


We have chosen the Hotel Bristol. The hotel is centrally located and right next to the bus stop. So you can travel without a car during the summer holidays. This is a great advantage. In contrast to the hotel in Austria, the Corona protection measures are very important here. The serving staff wears a mask and at the buffet everything is packed separately. Of course the hotel is much smaller and the implementation is easier. Why not book in a smaller hotel? After all, one is on the road all day long.

Anyone who travels must also be aware of their responsibility. No matter whether you like a mask or you prefer an aesthetic appearance, your own responsibility is required for the next two years, even if your light-heartedness suffers. Even if a vaccine is available, one will have to get used to such scenarios in the future. 

OllO World App

In the OllO World App the holidays can be recorded. So in this special year you can always show what you have done, because the year 2020 will go down in the history books.

Perhaps you will also enjoy this excursion to the Merian Gardens in Basel. 

The OllO World team wishes you a great summer holiday. In spite of Corona, there are nice trips and hikes to be taken. A Tour de Suisse is very worthwhile. The Tour de Suisse takes you to wonderful places in Switzerland. Whoever is gripped by foreign countries can cross the border, but the good is so close.