Daffodil circuit Les Pléiades

Daffodil fields in Les Pléiades. In the middle of May the daffodil fields are in full bloom. If you have never experienced this spectacle, you should definitely plan this into an excursion. It is hard to imagine that the fields are so lush with the majestic looking flowers. From a distance, it looks as if there is snow on the meadow. 

Les Pléiades

On the way by train

It’s probably easier and more convenient to travel to Les Pléiades by train. I always want to keep the option open to explore other routes if necessary. By car, I would be tied up as I have to get back to the parking lot. There is a train from Vevey to the terminus where the tour begins. The route is very well signposted. You can also extend the hike, if you want.

Daffodils as far as the eye can see

All the way we are accompanied by a beguiling scent. Even the dogs we meet are partly irritated and sniff the air. I think we have caught the ultimate day. It was not too hot despite the sun.


There are two restaurants on the circuit. We chose the Le 1209. The risotto with the artichokes and goat cheese was different from the Italian version. However, it was excellently prepared. The eye also eats. Only we were a bit annoyed by the service. Perhaps a reservation is worthwhile on weekends. We didn’t have one, so ordering was complicated. An alternative would be to take a snack with you and picnic on the way. The view of the surrounding mountains with the scent of daffodils in the air is probably a unique opportunity. 

Stopover in Vevey

From my point of view, Vevey is one of the most beautiful cities on Lake Geneva. Therefore, we definitely wanted to make a stopover there. From the train connections, it has been very good to plan. So we could still catch a little vacation feeling at the lake before we got back on the train. It was a wonderful, fragrant trip to western Switzerland. 

The OllO World team wishes you a wonderful day.

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