Cross-country adventure

Cross-country magic. The experiment of cross-country skiing has started. Just on December thick snowflakes have fallen. One man’s sorrow is another man’s joy. After I have undertaken winter hikes in the last year I will explore this year the cross-country trails.

Cross-country magic

Cross-country magic – Conclusion after the first training sessions

The sport can be practiced independently. Depending on the terrain, more skill is required. Those interested in sports can hone their technique and speed. People who enjoy nature can let their thoughts wander during a leisurely run. Whether classic or skating is a matter of taste. For dog lovers there are even cross-country trails where their four-legged friends are also welcome. For those who love nature, cross-country skiing is a wonderful alternative in winter. In addition, it is fun to deal with another sport in the winter to get a counter pool to the summer. This also gives that certain kick, right?

Einsiedeln, Cross-country magic

The OllO World Team wishes you many hours of fun in the snow. Why don’t you give cross-country skiing it a try? 

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We also have a travel app with many excursion options, with a focus in Switzerland. Winter sports and summer excursions are covered. Have a look. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can do so with this link in the App Store. All Android users we have to put off a little longer. The web app is in progress. 

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