The most wanted New Year’s resolution: Get rid of fat pads around the waist.

The feast is over. I can see all the cookies, desserts, chocolates and drinks like a belt around my hips. The next weeks it’s still cozy to be wrapped in a large winter coat, which will cloak the additional pounds. Nevertheless, the new spring or summer collections are ready to be shown in the shopping malls. Until then, a flattering silhouette will be needed.

There might be only one solution to get there: Sports and of course, burning calories and eating less.

Welcome larch. Early in the morning will be the best time visiting the gym. So, the training will be done for the whole day. After a busy working day, it’s much harder to break one’s weaker self, right? Alternate, if possible, midnight workouts are comfortable as well, especially for owls.

My 10-point plan

  1. What do you prefer? The last flavor of the month? Hopefully not for a gym, the target there should be sports and not walking over a catwalk, right?
  2. A 24-hour gym might be the best idea, so there will be no excuse about opening hours and time frames.
  3. If you have toddlers, a gym with a kids-club is very welcome, so you might plan a time slot without kids for the exercises.
  4. The hardest part is finding the right personal trainer. The trainer will be very important to get any success. He or she should understand your goals and should be focused to reach your target weight.
  5. Listen to the personal trainer is very important. Do never change lessons by your own without your personal trainer’s advice.
  6. There are so many options to choose. Diversify the training lessons would be helpful otherwise you might get bored after a while.
  7. If you will have no results within 8-10 weeks, discuss new training units with your personal trainer.
  8. If you still get no results, you might change your eating habits as well.
  9. Regular units and visits at the gym do help to control the success.
  10. Congratulations you reached your target weight. Unfortunately, exercises are still needed, do not stop the training, otherwise you will put on weight again.

OlloWorld Fitness

To break one’s weaker self is hard. Shopping with a flattering silhouette will be the cherry on top! The beach is calling!

Sporty greetings, your OlloWorld team!