Ride from Münsterlingen to Steckborn

Bike tour on Lake Constance. This route is a classic and very popular with bikers. Taking the bikes on the train is not always easy, I find. Please check out the transportation information at the following link of the SBB . You can buy tickets for the bicycles at relatively short notice. However, during the summer vacations I recommend to plan this in time. 

Bike tour at Lake Constance – Start in Münsterlingen, Landschlacht

Why not planning a lunch or breakfast picnic at the lake side in Münsterlingen? Fireplaces, benches and meadows, along the water, invite you to do so. Do not forget to pack the swim suit. 


Bike tour on Lake Constance – Gottlieben

Gottlieben is dreamy and has only a few inhabitants. They produce here the famous ‘Gottlieber Hüppen ‘. Wow, they taste great! The confection consists of a paper-thin, elongated wafer filled with an airy cream. From raspberry to coconut to the classics, there are a variety of flavors. The delicious takeaways please family and friends. Have a short break in the café of the same name. Take the opportunity to taste the crispy rolls with a cup of coffee or tea. I recommend packing a few rolls right away for the next break.  

Gottlieber Hüppen

Bike tour on Lake Constance – Ermatingen

The tour continues to Ermatingen. Attention fish lovers. Here you will find several restaurants that offer fish dishes. Along the lake you cycle through the old part of the village with its pretty houses and small gardens with direct access to the water. These are lovingly tended. The gardens are all separated from the house by a neighborhood street. 

Lovely village Ermatingen
Ermatingen – Garden

Bike tour at Lake Constance – Kultur- & Seminarzentrum Arenenberg

If you are interested in history about Napoleon III, you will find a lot of information about the castle and his family in the nearby Napoleon Museum. Today the estate is a cultural & seminar center. Take a rest in the restaurant and enjoy a piece of cake, coffee or a cool down after the up hill ride. The view from here on the Untersee is simply magnificent. 

Castle Arenenberg
Castle Arenenberg

Bike tour at Lake Constance – Berlingen & Steckborn

The journey continues along the lake to Berlingen & Steckborn. Two dreamy and historical villages on the lake side. Here ends our wonderful excursion at Lake Constance. If you want to cool down and relax, you can jump into the water at the swimming pool in Steckborn. 

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The OllO World team wishes you a great trip.