Bad Ragartz – Bad Ragaz. According to the motto: distance sharpens the view. Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day. Perfect for the open air art exhibition in Bad Ragaz. Artists from different countries exhibit their art objects in unusual places. The backdrop is transformed by the mountain landscape into spectacular photo subjects. Especially in autumn with the magnificent and gaudy leaves, the color spectacle becomes really visible. One more reason to visit the exhibition. 

Bad Ragaz, OllO World
Bad Ragartz, Open Air Art in Bad Ragaz
Open Air Art Path in Bad Ragaz
Bad Ragartz, Bad Ragaz Open Air Art
Art & Sculpure Path in Bad Ragaz
Open Air Art in Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragartz – different tours

There are tours in different lengths. Art sculptures line around the village. Under 4 kilometers is the longest walk and takes about 50 minutes. The short walk covers just under 2 kilometers and takes about 20 minutes. In between there are catering facilities. At the golf course is a restaurant there you can find various snacks. In the village there are restaurants with delicious lunch menus. Gourmets can also indulge themselves at the Quellenhof. 

Open Air Art Exhibition

The outdoor exhibition is popular with young and old. Oversized animals like a dachshund, rhinoceros, elephants and monkeys can be found on the tour. Cars in wastebaskets or rusted pickup trucks with antique columns can be found on the grounds of the Quellenhof. 

OllO World in Bad Ragaz, joining the Art Path Bad Ragartz
OllO World in Bad Ragaz, Bad Ragartz
With OllO World in Bad Ragaz
Open Air Art
Art in Bad Ragaz
Sculpure Path in Bad Ragaz

We found it a successful exhibition, which unfortunately ends at the end of October. Who knows, maybe next year there will be another surprise. Interested visitors can also join a guided tour. 

Those who have not yet completed the tours still have a few days to do so. I can only recommend Bad Ragartz Open Air Art Path. Now in autumn the colors of the sculptures are shining with the leaves of the trees. 

The OllO World team wishes you a nice trip. 

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