Around the lake, bicycle tours in the Canton of Zurich

Adventurous bicycle tour. Although the area is already known to me, I always discover new places. The storks at the Greifensee or the beautiful landscape around the Pfäffikersee are attractive in every season. 

Erlebnisreiche Fahrradtour
Adventurous bicycle tour

The day trip is intended for both lakes. Depending on the age of the children it is also possible to go around only one lake. From the lake of Pfäffikon down to the Greifensee it is easier than the other way round. There is a right difference in altitude until you reach the lake ditches from Uster to Pfäffikon. However, if you want to enjoy the sunset on Lake Greifensee, I recommend to start in Pfäffikon. The bicycle can be carried on the train until the starting point. Check beforehand whether there is an extra bicycle compartment available. A ticket must also be purchased for the bike. 

Greifensee, bicycle tour around the lake

Adventurous bicycle tour

The Greifensee, a nature reserve, impresses with its storks and many other birds. In September the Greifensee run (half marathon) takes place here. Whether it will also be held this year on September 19th is not yet certain.

Adventurous bicycle tour

In June and July the sun sets in the northwest, where the lake and the horizon come closest together. The most beautiful view of the sunset can be seen from the southern lakeshore of the small town of Greifensee near the pontoons. There is a castle in the old Zurich country town. It was rebuilt around 1520, after it was destroyed in the Zurich War in 1444. Today it is managed by the Greifensee Castle Foundation. The castle can be rented for conferences. The old Gothic church is the oldest building in Greifensee. It was built in 1330. Around the lake there are two baths and a surfing beach. However, they remain temporarily closed until the next relaxation of the Lockdown.

Lake Pfäffikon, second part of the bicycle tour

Adventurous bicycle tour

The lake shore is surrounded by reed beds and moorland. The nature reserve provides a habitat for countless animal and plant species. Around the lake there are footbridges that allow you to catch a glimpse of the water between the reeds. The small farming village Seegräben is a special feast for the eyes. The view could not be more romantic. The Juckerhof offers very special experiences not only for children. The farm shop and the restaurant invite you to stay. The Corona protection measures have also been implemented very well. Under each cherry tree there is a table for 4 persons with a direct view of the lake. For children there are play possibilities. 

On this bike tour you can let your soul dangle and it lets a piece of romance come up. The area is simply stunning, I think. 

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