Helikcopter flight Switzerland: Einsiedeln – alps in canton Glarus – Linthal – barrier lake Limmeren – Muotathal – Hochybrig – Mythen – Alpthal – Einsiedeln

Our mission:

We want to celebrate a big birthday. The lucky receiver of the surprise is absolutely fond of helicopters and the great Swiss mountains. We want to completely catch him by surprise and the event needs to take place in the vicinity of Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

The solution:

We contact Fuchs Helicopter in Schindellegi, Switzerland and get very professional and efficient advice on the best options meeting our requirements. Even landing on the farmland close to the location we spend our private birthday brunch is possible.  Within no time, we get all the stumbling blocks to a perfect surprise removed. Ready to get lost in reverie above the clouds?

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Helicopter Flight Biferten Mountain Shelter

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